Security Benefits Of Hid Proximity Cards For Offices

Security Benefits Of Hid Proximity Cards For Offices

Manage access to your company facilities with HID proximity cards. This type of security ID cards allows you to control security and employee access within specific areas of your building or office. This is highly recommended on corporate offices, hospitals, or any facility that requires more efficient surveillance and access control system. Here are top reasons why this security application is widely used by most organizations and corporations.

No need to swipe the card. There’s no magnetic strip or chip visible in HID cards. What it contains is encoded identification data and RFID antenna. When it comes close to an RFID reader, your security system reads the code and authenticates it for access. Depending on the design, the RFID data can be read within a few millimeters or up to a couple feet away.

Faster access authentication. This eliminates the need to screen each person that enters the building. The HID proximity card provides faster authentication results and RFID readers can handle multiple signals on entrance and exit doors. For door security locks, each person just needs to flash the card near the reader and once authenticated, it opens the automated door lock.

Smart and selective access control. You can define the level of access for each person through unique codes printed on the HID card. You can select which employees have special access to certain offices or areas in the building. No need to worry about everyone else snooping around on other departments. This is highly recommended on offices that handle sensitive information. For example, in hospitals, patient information should be only accessible to those who authorized. You can specify which people and HID proximity cards are allowed within that office. The security system can be programmed to alert security personnel whenever a different RFID signature is detected.

Comprehensive details on access and surveillance history. For every RFID detected, records are saved to your security system. You’ll have detailed data on who, when and where the cards were detected, which can be interpreted as the location of any person in the building at any given time.

Efficient security cards. Radio waves from RFID can be transmitted to any surface including metal. With this, HID technology can be embedded on most types of materials, and the most common choices are on plastic clamshell cards or key fobs. You can stick in printed IDs on one side for convenience, so employees can carry them all the time around their neck with lanyards.

Access settings can also be changed easily. If you want to add additional clearance for an employee or a VIP, the security system can be programmed on which HID readers it will be allowed access with. Likewise, if an employee loses a card, one just needs to inform security personnel to deactivate the access on that HID signature to avoid unauthorized access from unknown people. If in case someone did find the card and used it, you’ll be able to detect where and when right away to alert security for any necessary action.