Access Control Solutions

There was no time when security is less important in business. No matter the size of your business you need to take control of your property and create a secured environment for the workers. Keeping intruders or criminals away from business is necessary, and installing a security device other than the traditional lock and key is the best way to go in the 21st century. What are the latest security devices available to protect your business?

Using electronic access control solutions enable you to protect and track every single activity going within your company. The electronic device is completely different from the traditional lock and key system, as it stores sensitive information that enables it to recognize every individuals within the company. How is it possible for security device to recognize every individuals?

In order to provide access to each worker in your company, the device must have the necessary information in the database. The most important thing to provide effective security is by having the right combination of hardware and management software, which enable users to access the company’s facility without going through a rigorous process. in its simplest mode of operation, access control system enable you to access restricted regions without stress, however, the system run some complex test to ensure that you are authorized in that particular region.

What access control is?

Access control system monitors all the entrances to a specific room or facility. The system have a centralized access control where you can easily assign access to individual users, provide access to visitors and keep record of every activities.

Why is access control better than key and lock?

Unlike the traditional lock and key where the number of keys available is limited, access control system allow you to issue access card to every users in the organization or at home. In a situation whereby someone lost the key to your home, the only solution is to change the entire lock. However, if a user lost his or her access card, only that person is denied access until the company provide alternative for such user.

What are the benefits of access control system?

As far as security of businesses and employees is concerned, access control system makes it possible for you to effectively protect your employees and property. The benefits cannot be completely listed in this article, however, some of them are highlighted below.

Record keeping – access control system does not only provide access to people, but keeps record of every individual that enter a particular area within the company. This is important, as it allow the management to check the record and update the system if needed.

Prevention – what else can you do to prevent theft in your company other than to install security system? “Prevention they say is better than cure”, hence electronic security devices control access and prevent would be robbers from accessing your facility.

Security – there are many ways electronic security devices protect you and your business. Some of them are; notifications, alarms, and so on.

Peace of mind – knowing that your home is secured while you left home allows you to concentrate on whatever you’re doing without fear.  However, if you left your home unsecured, it’s unlikely that you would be able to concentrate on whatever you’re doing even if everything is fine.

Important things to address when making access control system

Before you install your access control system, it is important to ask some questions and look for system that can provide answer to those questions. Here are a few of what you need to consider;

  • The number of entrance in the building
  • Do you want the system to record every activity?
  • Do you want to protect a particular room?
  • Would you provide variable access to your users throughout the facility?
  • What’s the number of users that you have? And would you provide access to guest?
  • Is alarm and notifications necessary?

These are the questions that you need to ask before you install your system. Now you may want to know the components of access control system, so let’s highlight them in the next couple of paragraphs.

  1. ID Access Cards – this is what each user use to access the building or facility. It’s unique to every user.
  2. Access Control Management Software – this is the powerful tool that enable access in every regions of the building.
  3. Control Panel – the control panel enable you to access the information in other computer apart from the management PC.
  4. Door Reader – each entry point has a reader that reads the information on the card and grant access to the user.

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