How Are Rewritable ID Cards Used?

What is it that you don’t understand about rewritable ID cards, the features or the usage? I assume you know the possible differences between the types of ID cards, however, if not, I will quickly explain one or two things you might want to know about rewritable ID cards.

Whenever I talked about security cards, I have always considered the big bosses, such as Evolis, Magicard, and Fargo printers. Why? One of the reasons why they dominate the market is because of the features and the quality of ID cards they produce.

Some of these printers have the capacity to print rewritable ID cards. These printers also have the appropriate program (software) that enables them to print professional-looking rewritable ID cards for individual usage.

Rewritable ID cards usually have two sides – one glossy side in PVC for color, and a matte finish side with thermos-sensitive blue or black material that can be easily erased and reprinted for as many as 500 times.

Unlike other cards that depend on ribbon before they can be printed, rewritable ID cards use the ink in the card. The ink that is already in the rewritable ID card is pulled to the surface of the card using heat and printed on the back of the card. Amazingly, this types of cards allow you to have full-colored photo ID on the front of the card, and blue or black color at the back. The color at the back can be erased and reused up to 500 times.

Highlighted below are some of the uses of rewritable ID cards:

  • Student IDs
  • Bus passes
  • Temporary visitor details
  • Rewritable loyalty cards
  • Ski resort passes, and so on.

These cards may be the best option in companies where worker information is regularly updated. Unlike the permanent cards, the information can be edited for the same user without spending additional cost on new card production. For example, if a worker is promoted, instead of creating new card entirely, you can rewrite the detail and update the information.

What can you say about this type of ID cards? They are probably cheaper than the other types, and it does allow quick reuse.

Obviously, this type of ID card is the best for bus passes and other places where ID card information is regularly updated. With this type of cards, it’s very easy to issue new card since the previous one is the one that need to be reuse.

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